Listen to Dr. James White on Unbelievable Radio

As of February 7, 2013, you can get the following podcast episodes from Unbelievable Radio, via iTunes:

  1. 22 September 2012 | The Anti-Islam film and protests – James White and  Muhammad Al-Hussaini
  2. 19 May 2012 | Was Jesus a Calvinist? James White and  David Instone-Brewer
  3. 30 Apr 2011 | Emerging Church Debate – Brian McLaren and  James White 
  4. 12 Feb 2011 | Is the King James Version the best? Kyle Paisley and  James White debate
  5. 13 Mar 2010 | Can we trust the doctrine of the Trinity? Christian James White debates Unitarian Anthony Buzzard
  6. 06 March 2010 | Which is more trustworthy – The Bible or Koran? Christian James White debate Muslim Adnan Rashid
  7. 08 August 2009 | Debating doctrine: Hell – Conditional immortality vs. Eternal conscious torment – James White debates Roger and Faith Forster
  8. 01 August 2009 | Debating doctrine: Predestination – James White debates Roger and Faith Forster
  9. 15 November 2008 | Does the Trinity lead to polytheism? James White of Alpha and Omega ministries debates Abdullah Al Andalusi

(here is the link)

I understand that there will be a new episode with Dr. White on February 9, 2013.


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