Reciprocal Links and the Future of this Blog

I really appreciate the many readers of this blog, both friendly and unfriendly, in agreement and out of agreement, foreign and domestic. A lot of you have kindly put me in a blog roll or otherwise posted a link to my blog on your site. I have tried to reciprocate with a link back in the sidebar of my main page. If you have linked to me, and you haven’t received a link bank, please let me know.

I am not sure what the future holds for this blog. I plan to continue blogging to the glory of God, the edification of the saints, and the evangelisation of the unbelieving. I also plan to continue debating, whenever the opportunity arises. I plan to remain pseudonymous for the time being, although I’m constantly aware of the fact that my pseudonymity is something that is mostly out of my hands.

I would love to hear from readers of this blog regarding their, i.e. your, thoughts for the future of this blog.


24 Responses to “Reciprocal Links and the Future of this Blog”

  1. Kurt Kroeker Says:
  2. ChaferDTS Says:
  3. Godismyjudge Says:
  4. Ken Says:
  5. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:
  6. Mark Van Der Molen Says:
  7. Jeph Says:
  8. Ljdibiase Says:
  9. Natamllc Says:
  10. Jacob Says:
  11. Michael Walling Says:
  12. Blane Says:
  13. Godith Says:
  14. John Bugay Says:
  15. EG Says:
  16. Mark Says:
  17. Lee Gerrietts Says:
  18. Tertiumquid Says:
  19. Guest Says:
  20. Steve Drake Says:
  21. Paul Hoffer Says:
  22. turretinfan Says:
  23. John Sellman Says:
  24. SLIMJIM Says:

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