Joel McDurmon Reviews "The Escondido Theology"

Mr. McDurmon has provided a very interesting review of “The Escondido Theology,” as well as of some of the responses and context of the work.  McDurmon made an excellent observation relative to Godfrey’s comment: “All of us on the faculty of Westminster Seminary California are shocked and saddened by John Frame’s book, The Escondido Theology.”  McDurmon points out: “Most of the chapters in Frame’s book have been posted as review articles online for months, even years.”  It’s hard to see how the book could “shock,” given that it is consistent with the criticism that Frame has been making for a while.



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    I recommend that everyone stay clear of the likes of Joel McDurmon, American Vision, Chalcedon, and Jeff Durbin at Apologia Radio in light of their open support for the unrepentant heretic Mr. Bojidar Marinov.

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