Don’t Worry It Doesn’t Affect Infallibility!

The U.S. government has (for the first time, remarkably) placed the Vatican on a “list of countries that are a potential hub for money laundering … .”  (link)  One can speculate regarding the motives of the U.S. government, but is this kind of thing consistent with a theory that the Vatican represents the succession of Peter and Paul?  The article concludes:

The moves are all part of the Holy See’s efforts to get on the “white list” of countries that share financial information and shed its long-held reputation as a secretive offshore tax haven whose bank has been embroiled in scandals over the years.

Of course, financial scandals occur everywhere – but that’s partly the point.  The Vatican isn’t something special.  It’s simply a human institution, not a divine one.

I fully recognize that even if Benedict XVI himself were to become linked to money laundering, that would not effect papal infallibility, the way that papal infallibility has been defined.  Moreover, I suspect that as far as popes go, Benedict XVI is one of the more outwardly moral.  I doubt he has been personally involved in money laundering.  That’s not the point. I say that just to be clear, because it seems that some people misread my posts when I illustrate the nature of the institution that continued to support Cardinal Law with a job until his 80th birthday.


UPDATE: 3/23/2012

It seems that J.P. Morgan/Chase has lost confidence in the Vatican Bank (link to story).

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