Ash Wednesday or Wash Wednesday?

Jesus said: “When thou fastest … wash thy face” (Matthew 6:17).

Choose whom you will serve.

H.T. Biglo

23 Responses to “Ash Wednesday or Wash Wednesday?”

  1. Ryan Says:
  2. Mitch Says:
  3. turretinfan Says:
  4. turretinfan Says:
  5. Brian Says:
  6. Philip Jude Says:
  7. Philip Jude Says:
  8. Philip Jude Says:
  9. Ljdibiase Says:
  10. Natamllc Says:
  11. Brian Says:
  12. Natamllc Says:
  13. Brian Says:
  14. Scott Windsor Says:
  15. Natamllc Says:
  16. dp Says:
  17. Scott Windsor Says:
  18. Scott Windsor Says:
  19. Philip Jude Says:
  20. Philip Jude Says:
  21. Philip Jude Says:
  22. dp Says:
  23. Scott Windsor Says:

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