Debate Announcement

Lord willing, in October, I will be engaged in a debate with a self-styled “Evangelical Universalist.” (Here’s the announcement.) It is important to distinguish the “Evangelical” Universalists from other kinds, despite the fact that it is not usual to think of Universalists as evangelical. At the announcement link you will find a place where you can, in advance of the debate, leave an “audience” for either my esteemed opponent or myself. Please pray that the debate will edify the people of God and promote the truth. -TurretinFan

10 Responses to “Debate Announcement”

  1. Matt Burke Says:
  2. Natamllc Says:
  3. Fred Butler Says:
  4. Theopologetics Says:
  5. Theopologetics Says:
  6. Jonathan D. Green Says:
  7. Theopologetics Says:
  8. Fred Butler Says:
  9. Theopologetics Says:
  10. Awakeningaletheia Says:

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