Sometimes One Just Shakes One’s Head

Such as when one reads from Darryl Hart that “Maybe Mark Driscoll should turn Seattle into the Jerusalem of the Pacific Rim before setting up shop in Portland … .” What is he thinking?

I certainly don’t agree with Driscoll on everything (in fact, I almost certainly disagree more with him than with Hart in general), but Portland could use more godly churches – they could use more of the gospel. I assume this is some kind of joke to Hart, but the gospel shouldn’t be a joke.

If Portland was known as a place where no one tells his neighbor or brother, “Know the Lord,” for they all know him, then there would be a reason not to plant a new church there. But that doesn’t describe Portland, much though I wish it did.

Likewise, it is true that Seattle still can use more gospel preachers. Hart’s absolutely right that people don’t hear “Seattle” and think “gospel” like they do when they hear about the so-called “Bible Belt.” Nevertheless, there is a pressing need for more evangelization in Portland, and if Driscoll’s church is going to provide that, wonderful!


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