Confused Arminian?

According to Arminian Today:

… the key difference for Arminius was not in the issue of God’s sovereignty or election or total depravity or the atonement but Arminius’ contention was that God has chosen to reveal Himself as loving and good and that His desire is not to force people to believe the gospel but for them, through His Spirit (John 6:44), to come to salvation in the Lamb of God (John 1:29).

But, of course, Calvinism agrees that the God of the Bible is loving and good. Moreover, Calvinism agrees that God does not force people to believe the gospel against their will, but through the Spirit changes their will so that they go from loving darkness rather than light to loving the light.

Perhaps the title of the post at Arminian Today is more suitable than the author intended: “Confusion Over Arminianism Continues….”


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