Os Guinness and Biologos

Biologos has posted a large number of videos, including videos from folks who are not, to my knowledge, traditionally associated with the anti-Creationist movement.

For example, Biologos Youtube channel has the following videos from Os Guinness:

1. Os Guinness: No Fear

2. Os Guinness on Science, Faith and the Culture War

3. Os Guinness on Reading Scripture Faithfully

4. Os Guinness on Why the Church Should Engage in Scientific Discourse

5. Os Guinness on Evolution and the Atheist Worldview

If you listen carefully, you will see a lot of themes that appear to point to Os Guinness promoting the error of theistic evolution. However, he never really comes out and says it. His comments are the sort of things which tend to come out of the mouths of theistic evolutionists, but he never actually (that I could find) endorses the theistic evolutionist position.

He even goes so far in his “No Fear” video to cast “shame on those who are perpetuating this miserable polarisation” between “faith and science.” Despite this stern warning, Os Guinness does not identify what constitutes such polarisation, leaving the reader to guess.


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