Formal Insufficiency – An Insult to Jesus

Those Roman Catholics who think that the Scriptures are an insufficient rule of faith and life – that the Scriptures are not clear enough to stand sola Scriptura as the way by which we know God: please consider that the Gospels give us verbatim teachings of Jesus himself in his own words.

It’s bad enough that you are not satisfied by the Holy Spirit’s teaching through the entirety of the Inspired Holy Scripture, but that may be less self-evidently divine. In other words, while you are to blame for not being satisfied with the divine teachings of the law, the prophets, the evangelists, and the apostles, we can understand that perhaps you do not understand that the Bible is the Holy Spirit speaking to us through men.

But are you going to seriously say that Jesus’ preaching, recorded in the Gospels, is not clear enough for people to read it, understand it, and trust in Christ alone for salvation? Is God’s own word, not spoken through prophets under inspiration but spoken directly by the God-man Himself not clear enough?

Don’t you think that’s a little insulting?



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