>Final Piece in Cochlaeus’ Misquotation of Luther Puzzle

>A few years ago, James Swan and I provided some documentation that a footnote provided by Steve Ray (link to discussion of “When Footnotes Attack”)(additional response) was actually a false quotation, an invention of “that slanderer Cochlaeus,” as Whitaker expressed it in the 16th century (link to discussion of the transmission of the spurious statement).

Cochlaeus was paraphrasing (badly) one of Luther’s writings on the words “This is my body.” We showed that the German does not support Cochlaeus’ mistranslation.

Nevertheless, some of Steve Ray’s supporters seemed to hold out hope that that Matthew Judex “official” Lutheran Latin translation of the work from 1556 might support Cochlaeus. It does not. The relevant portion in Matthew Judex’ translation is this:

Si haec mundi machina per aliquot annos duraverit, iterum more patrum ad tollendas dissensiones humana quaerentur praesidia, constituemur qui; leges et decreta ad conciliandam et servandam in religione concordiam, quod quidem similem priori sortietur eventum.

That is a far cry from Cochlaeus’ paraphrase:

Si diutius steterit mundus, iterum erit necessarium, ut propter diversas scripturae interptationes, quae nunc sunt, ad conservandum fidei unitatem, Conciliorum Decreta recipiamus, atquae ad ea confugiamus.

Hopefully this last piece of the jigsaw puzzle lays the matter to rest, once and for all. It is not the case that Cochlaeus simply adopted the Matthew Judex translation.

– TurretinFan

P.S. Perhaps Mr. Armstrong will now complete his post since the work is available (via Google Books), and provide a retraction/apology to Mr. Swan.


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