Jonathan Cross on the Second Commandment

Jonathan Cross’ “Illustrations of the Shorter Catechism” has a section on the 2nd commandment (link to work). These illustrations are anecdotes. Presently, Google is permitting this book to be downloaded in pdf and epub format, so this might be something to download to place on your child’s Kindle or other book-reading device.

2 Responses to “Jonathan Cross on the Second Commandment”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Hi. Sorry, but this comment/question has nothing to do with the Jonathan Cross and the second commandment, but I figured you might be able to help me out here since you seem to have know something about the Early Church Fathers.In Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology he states "Eusebius also quotes Origen as affirming most of the books of our present Old Testament canon (including Esther), but no book of the Apocrypha is affirmed as canonical, and the books of Maccabees are explicitly said to be 'outside of these [canonical books]'" (58).In a footnote (14) he gives Ecclesiastical History 6.15.2 as the reference to this. However, looking up this reference in Schaff's NPNF I see that there is no section 2 of 6.15 and 6.15 has nothing to do with Grudem's remark (6.16 is a bit closer, but still doesn't provide the information Grudem refers to).Do you know if this is a mistaken reference and, if it is, what the correct reference is in Eusebius?

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Ah… I was able to find that it is probably 6.25.2 by simply doing a search on "Maccabees." Sorry I didn't think to try that sooner. You can remove these comments.

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