>Canon Debate with William Albrecht

>Yesterday, Mr. William Albrecht (Roman Catholic) and I (Reformed) debated the topic of the Canon of Scripture, specifically the question of whether the so-called Deuterocanonical books and parts of books are Scripture (link to mp3). The most interesting part of the debate, as I believe Mr. Albrecht would agree, were the four cross-examination segments immediately following the constructive speeches.

I hope to upload this to YouTube, but this is faster in the short term.

There are a number of points where I think it might be helpful to add some additional discussion, and I’ll try to do that in the coming weeks, rather than wedging it all into this post.

– TurretinFan

One Response to “>Canon Debate with William Albrecht”

  1. pizarro1689 Says:

    Turretinfan this is my first time hearing your debate with William. I came across William on Facebook and I told James White and he directed me to here. What are your thoughts during the Canon debate well what did you think of Williams arguments? I'm new to the cannon study of Scripture so it's a bit intimidating so any good sources on this subject would be great thank you. You could also reach me at pizarro158@gmail.com

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