Caner’s Old Biography Photos

One of the troubling things that Dr. Caner has done was to post the following three photos, with the captions set forth below each.(source)

Caption: “Dr. Caner Reading in Mosque”

Caption: “Dr. Caner in the Mosque with his father.”

Caption: “Dr. Caner in the Mosque youth group holding a rifle.”

There are a few problems with these photos. First, in the top picture one can clearly see that the boy is wearing shoes. Normally Muslims remove their shows on entering a mosque. Second, in the middle picture, the man shown is not Acar Caner, the father of Ergun Caner. Also, again notice that each of the boys is wearing shoes. It’s less clear whether shoes are being worn in the third image – the boy on the left does appear to be wearing shoes. Finally, the “rifle” in the bottom picture appears to be a BB gun, such as one of the models shown in this advertisement:
Returning again to the third picture, note that there is no obvious safe backdrop for a real rifle to be used. However, if you look very closely, you will see above the elbow of the boy’s left arm an unusual shadow that could be the shadow of the horizontal portion of a small shelf or stand, or it could be a shadow of a paper target held in the boy’s hand – or any number of things. It’s really not clear. Such a target or stand would be consistent with playing some sort of shooting/target practice game, although the target and the support for the target is more or less completely obscured by the boy at left. Perhaps someone with sharper eyes than mine can make it out.

– TurretinFan

(Please note that I’m not hosting the photos here, just linking to them at – they don’t appear to be under copyright, but if someone has a claim, please be advised that the hosting site is – I think that the use here is still “fair use” in most jurisdictions)

14 Responses to “Caner’s Old Biography Photos”

  1. thegrandverbalizer19 Says:

    With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.This is just over the top! I mean shoes in the Masjid. Now of course the first Masjid used by the Prophet (saw) actually was just earth sand and when it rained it was mud. The people did wear sandals during the prayer at occasions. It's one of the reasons the Shi'a prostrate upon a stone because they prefer something more earthen to prostrate upon rather than synthetic. I just want to anticipate any possible arguments in advance.However, the standard and the norm for the last few hundred years across the board as you pointed out TF is that the shoes are to be removed upon entering into the Mosque.The man who is wearing the cap and robe looks more like a cardinal than an Imam to me but Allah knows best.Not only that but if you go to any Mosque in the United States you will find that there is a great deal of mixing between men and women; however we do have more extreme elements in our community.I would assert that any element that is extreme enough to teach 'jihad' to it's youth would also frown upon any mixing between young ladies and boys regardless of thier age. I know this first hand because I have been around people who are ultra conservative in view who also teaching more radicalized understanding of Islam.These photos take the icing on the cake! Well done!

  2. natamllc Says:

    When I was up in Kano Nigeria having dinner with the Governor of Kaduna State in his private residence I did not see one woman, period.After I began familiarizing myself with the extremist Muslim communities who exercise Shari law, as they do in some of the Nigerian States controled by the Muslims, I learned that that TGV19 points too.I have dealt with elements of Extremist Muslims in England, Switzerland, Belgium, West Africa and parts of the Philippines and in all cases without exception there is this phenomenon of separation in formal settings like the formal dinner I had in Kaduna or at other "business" dinners or meetings at their private residences. I have never been inside a mosque. When I was in Israel one time I tried to go to the famous Mosque with the gold dome there in the old City, the name escapes me right now, but I never saw any women near the entry way to it, the entrance area I was attempting to enter through.And when I went to the wailing wall to pray I also saw the men separated from the women facing the wall. What is the reason for this separation?Also, now, as I write this, I recall the time I had lunch with the Crown Prince of Bahrain in Washington his private residence. All the servants were males and the only woman present was the woman that was with me. She wasn't a Muslim nor was I. I thought it odd but didn't ask any question why?

  3. gypsyrose Says:

    I agree, the man looks like a priest, not an imam. However, the shoes issue, they are worn in the social areas, not in the prayer room/s. The mixing is natural in mosques that are Turkish. This looks more like one of the outreach programs where it would be interfaith understanding venue. These are also common in Turkish mosques. Otherwise, it could be identical to the Christmas or Easter programs that I see in Catholic and other services for the nativity.There was an article some months ago in a German publication about the majority of the kids in a church were Turkish Muslims who were doing the Passion of Christ because the pastor/priest said they were the only ones who agreed to participate because the Christian kids were not interested. More and more this sounds like my background, which again, is pretty typically Turkish.Another chink in the "jihadi"training scenario.

  4. evanmay Says:

    Maybe an "air rifle" counts as a rifle?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    evanmay….it's an "air gun"!!!!(from Ergun's FAQ "The Turkish is almost unpronounceable, so here is an equivalent: Ergun ("Air-gun") Mehmet ("Mehhh-met") Caner ("Can-er"). It is not "CANE-er, with a long "A."The shadow making light source is from behind….I think the girl's body is casting a shadow on his arm.Didn't know that Jihad practiced death by BB gun!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The lies conneected to these photos illustrate that Caner's lies go beyond "being caught up in the moment." No "Amen" corner pulled these lies from Dr. Caner.

  7. evanmay Says:

    What I've been wondering… what does Caner's wife think of all this? Surely she knows his true story.

  8. Turretinfan Says:

    I don't know how much Caner spoke about his past or how frankly he did so to his wife. That's really none of my business.

  9. Turretinfan Says:

    NatAmLLC:You seem to have been privileged with a great many high connections.GypsyRose:Yes, some have suggested a Christmas production.I've received conflicting reports regarding Mosque rules. I distinctly recall passing a Mosque entrance, however, and seeing a sign that said, "Be a good Muslim and remove your shoes."-TurretinFan

  10. Venchenza Says:

    I went to a mosque just this past year for outreach, and I'm pretty sure that you had to remove your shoes…..and the man looks more like a Priest than anything Muslim related. I'm not sure what their Muslim "priests" are called.Can someone tell me why Ergun Caner is lying? Like what is he truly gaining from all of this…..

  11. gypsyrose Says:

    Yes, if it was only the mosque, (where you enter the mosque directly, onto the prayer area), you would have to remove shoes. This is the same in any Muslim house, you remove shoes and either go stocking feet,or wear the provided slippers at the entryway. The way that mosques are structured, the prayer rooms are off the other areas, (kitchen, bathrooms, social rooms, meditation area, reading rooms, etc.)Depends on how big the mosque building is.For prayers, the absolution areas (ritual washings) is where the shoes are removed, the face, neck, feet and hands are washed.From there, you can wear slippers, if the rooms are adjacent or put on your shoes and walk to the prayer room, and leave them out. You can put your socks on after the washing.Again, there are intercultural programs in mosques, especially the Turkish ones. It would not be odd to have Christmas programs, Halloween programs, b'day parties, weddings, prayer services for the dead or for the birth, 40 days prayers (after death). Most times only men would be in the prayers, if there is room, the women can be behind them, protected by a screen or wall.The people in the social rooms (usually women, elderly people who are infirm, children, visitors will partake of the prayers being said, while sitting at the tables assembled. They can choose to raise their hands (the cupped form) and at the end say amen and bring their hands across their faces.One needs to remember that for families to partake of mosque services, there are arrangements made, as I stated above. Where one would not see the necessity of social rooms, etc. for mosques in places like Turkey,because the whole country, in theory, is the social area.It is of necessity in countries in Europe, the US and other non-Muslim countries to teach children, include families and serve as social intercourse areas for Muslims.

  12. Ex N1hilo Says:

    So, this is the mosque on the Turkey/Iraq border that the Caners attended, right? Or is it the one in Beirut?

  13. Fredericka Says:

    The standing man is wearing a hat like this:

  14. TausTomo Says:

    In reference to the third picture, I believe the shadow above the boy with the Striped Shirt's arm, is the shadow of the "rifle's" barrel. I think this can be seen clearly if you consider the relationship between the top of the Blue Shirt boy's head and the tip of the gun barrel in his hand, and the top of the Blue Shirt boy's shadow's head and where the shadow of the tip of the gun barrel should be.Also look at the relationship of the Striped Shirt boy's right elbow and the tip of the gun barrel, and notice the same relationship in the shadow on the wall.This of course answers no questions as to what they were actually doing.Also, in reference to the middle picture, does anyone know of the Turkish custom for wearing beards, or not wearing beards for that matter?

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