More Digitized Books

I was pleased to see that there is a digitization project underway in Switzerland. While I have not found any of the particularly rare books for which I was looking, there are a number of excellent works published in Geneva that have been digitized (link to accent). One of those books is even in English, although Latin dominates, and French takes the lion’s share of the remainder.

Thanks to Historical TheoBlogy for bringing this to my attention.

– TurretinFan

One Response to “More Digitized Books”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hello Brother, Although this is off topic, I have a question that would best be answered by someone of your level of expertise. Regarding the use of the phrase "en" in John 1:1; The notion that the phrase, the imperfect of eimi which means "to be," indicates eternality or timelessness has been contested by some LDS adherents I have been speaking with. One of these objections goes like this "This is simply false. ειμι is the verb "to be." The imperfect tense simply indicates that the action of the verb was not finished within the time frame of the clause. It makes absolutely no judgments whatsoever about when the action of the verb began. It is used numerous times throughout the New Testament with reference to humans." This same group provided Acts 12:5 and Matt 1:20 for examples. Can you please enlighten me on why this claim is untrue?

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