Lutheran Response to Arminianism

Steve Hays recently pointed me to a Lutheran response to Arminianism (link to response). While I am not Lutheran (I am Calvinist, which is virtually anathema to certain Lutherans), I pass this on as being “of interest” to my Arminian readers (as well as my Lutheran readers, few though they may be).


2 Responses to “Lutheran Response to Arminianism”

  1. natamllc Says:

    "interesting" but not "arresting".

  2. Ryan D. McConnell Says:

    I agree with natamllc.I liked what he had to say on Lutheranism and unconditional election. Since he didn't touch on every difference between the two systems (e.g. irresistible grace vs. the Arminian prevenient grace), which I assume was because of a limited character for amount for the issue he was writing for, I wish that the online version had included the theological chart he spoke of in the article.

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