I’ll Debate Richard Dawkins for $100,000

If he’ll pay me $100,000, I’ll engage him in a debate. The money won’t come to me, it will go to two or three charitable organizations. I’m not in it for money, I just want to get Dawkins to part with $100,000 of his money so that the money will not be available for mocking Christianity or other similar nonsense. Sounds pretty silly of me, no?

Well, swap in world-famous Christian apologist Ray Comfort for Mr. Dawkins and give Mr. Dawkins my spot, and you’ve got yourself the stranger-than-fiction true account of an atheist who is so afraid to debate that he’s unwilling to accept $20,000 – twice his usual speaking fee of $10,000. (link)


4 Responses to “I’ll Debate Richard Dawkins for $100,000”

  1. TheoJunkie Says:

    Dawkins has ranted and railed with so much inane inconsistency that he has become little more than the raving lunatic howling at the moon. Bill Maher is the same type of beast, but with no education.

  2. Ken Says:

    Dawkins is coming to my university in a few weeks and I still haven’t decided if it would be a good idea to go and use it as a witnessing opportunity (entrance fee of $10 of course for non-atheists). He’s going to be lecturing on the purpose of purpose. On the one hand celebrity tends to draw people into discussions they might not have. On the other hand I already bump into plenty of atheists/agnostics in my day-to-day activities and sometimes spark intriguing conversations.

  3. Lockheed Says:

    May the flying spaghetti monster have mercy on him. ;)

  4. Rhology Says:

    I don’t at all know how that debate would turn out. Pro: Comfort would share the Gospel a bunch. Dick Dawk would act like a total jerk.Con: Comfort is not that great at debate. Neither is Dick Dawk. Hmmm…Ken,Hey, Dick Dawk is coming to MY univ (I’m an alum) on 06 March! For a sec I thought we were in the same region. Oh well. Much fun will be had.

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