Charimsatic Techniques Exposed

The following video explains some of the connections between parts of the “Charismatic” movement and hypnotism. The video is presented by Todd Friel, with a guest who knows, because he used to be involved.

Hat Tip to Tim Wirth of the Discernment Ministry (link).

(for more, see this link)


6 Responses to “Charimsatic Techniques Exposed”

  1. TheoJunkie Says:

    Good interview… makes a lot of sense.I have no personal experience with such practices– my church does not do those things. So I can’t comment other than to say I agree that the practices mentioned in the interview are not found in the bible, and therefore manifestations thereof are not from the Holy Spirit.

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    I did try to be clear about this being representative only of a part of the charismatic movements.

  3. David Bamber Says:

    Turrentinfan what is the Reformed position on the Charismatic gifts? Do you and your buddy James White believe that Jesus still physically heals today? What about the other charismatic gifts are the gifts of prophecy and tongues still for today?If a fellowship today claims to be charismatic and Reformed is it possible?

  4. Turretinfan Says:

    There are a few folks these days who call themselves "Charismatic Reformed." That's not the historical Reformed position, nor is it my position. I don't recall him speaking about it specifically, but I would be very surprised if Dr. White disagreed with the historical Reformed position on this subject.

  5. David Bamber Says:

    So in regards to my question just to clarify, you wouldn't believe that Jesus still physically heals people today or that the Charismatic gifts are for today?Would you believe that the Catholic Church (call it Roman if you must :)) has got it wrong on this issue as well?

  6. Turretinfan Says:

    All healing comes from God. Whether or not God miraculously heals people is an open question in Reformed circles, with most folks believing God does. That's a different question from the idea of human beings being given the extraordinary gifts, including the gift of being able to heal people.I guess it depends what part of Rome's teaching you have in mind. We agree with Rome that public revelation has ceased, for example.

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