Reading Material for Mr. David Armstrong

It may be that, for some reason or other, Mr. Armstrong still pops by my blog. If so, I think he’ll get get a kick out of this post (link). Mr. Armstrong’s policy of labeling those who say that Rome teaches another gospel “anti-Catholics,” leads to a conflation between what the author of the linked article calls “good anti-catholicism” and “bad anti-catholicism.” I don’t agree with the article, but I think it should provide those who are quick to apply the “anti-Catholic” label with some food for thought.


5 Responses to “Reading Material for Mr. David Armstrong”

  1. L P Cruz Says:

    TF,At Beggars All you said this…While it may sound lovely to insist that we must become actually holy, it would be obvious blasphemy to suggest that Christ became actually sinful.I must commend you how that insight is so helpful. Have you heard an RC Apologist use Augustine’s logic on this, to show that Augustine was anti-Reformational in doctrine viz imputation/impartation distinction?The man alleged to me that Augustine taught infusion, that since Adam became inherently sinful actually, we have to be inherently righteous actually too. Assuming he is rightly representing Augustine to me, then Augustine’s logic was somewhat flawed. This confuses the nature of imputation.Mind you I have not read Augustine thoroughly but clearly as you said – my sins being imputed to Christ, does not mean Christ became sinful. God treated Christ unrighteous though not actually unrighteous; God treats us as righteous though not actually righteous (for the sake of Christ).Thanks for the comment, most helpful to me.LPC

  2. Godismyjudge Says:

    Dear TF,What is a confessional outhouse?God be with you,Dan

  3. Turretinfan Says:

    Dan: One hesitates to ask.-TurretinFan

  4. Turretinfan Says:

    I think it is important to note that imputation does not exclude infusion of grace. We are justified by Christ’s righteousness, but we are also sanctified by the Spirit of God, and renewed inwardly so that we become more and more Christ-like.Since God demands perfect obedience, however, even if we were glorified in this life and our old man were completely done away with, we would still have past sins to our account – sins that need to be imputed to a sacrifice.The one acceptable sacrifice is Christ.-TurretinFan

  5. L P Cruz Says:

    TF,Agreed. Actually it is the Classic Reformational view that fully gives account of imputation and impartation. However the discussion goes down to imputation vs impartation primary Rome’s language practically nullifies imputation.Sorry that this post is not related in your post but there was no way for me to relay to you of my appreciation for the input.Thanks,LPCLPC

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