Free Sermons from a Famous Pastor

I’m not a big fan of John MacArthur because of my concern for accurate, precise theology. Nevertheless, he is a very powerful preacher and many people have been blessed by his ministry. Now, I have learned (thanks to Matthew Kratz and The Truth Will Set You Free) that one can now get free sermons of his – maybe as much as forty years worth. Enjoy (discerningly)! (link)


7 Responses to “Free Sermons from a Famous Pastor”

  1. backwoodspresbyterian Says:

    Thanks for the link T-Fan. Good to hear they are free. I personally find it scandalous that anyone would ever charge in normal circumstances for the preached word.Benjamin P. Glaser

  2. Jeff Says:

    Hi Turretinfan,I am assuming you have something in mind when you say “discerningly”. What would you say are the major points of disagreement between your theological perspective and his?Thanks for your great work!Jeff

  3. Turretinfan Says:

    Hi Jeff,No, I don’t have specific points in mind. I’ve seen a number of loosely worded statements that various folks on the Internet have taken to places that perhaps MacArthur himself would not go.I’ve heard people make claims that MacArthur teaches various errant views, and frankly I don’t believe the claims. Nevertheless, one has to be careful, keeping in mind that sometimes Pastor MacArthur makes mistakes, just like everyone else.-TurretinFan

  4. Jeff Says:

    Wow, you are fast. Thanks, Turretinfan! I do love MacArthur and I agree with your call for discernment (no matter the person).So thanks for your thoughts.One of the things I have most appreciated about your blog is that you do bring theological precision and clarity and at the same time with a devotional heart and clear love for the Lord. I was reading a preacher who said that theological truth should be studied with a view to the improvement of the heart. And I just to wanted to let you know that I see that shining through in what you write.Jeff

  5. Turretinfan Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff!

  6. Elijah Says:

    Hi Turrentinfan:I'm not a big fan of John MacArthur because of my concern for accurate, precise theology.The obvious implication is that MacArthur's theology is not entirely accurate, nor sufficiently precise to garner your agreement. Now, I recall that you are Presbyterian, and given that J.Mc. is Baptistic & Dispensational, I can already see your misgivings. Not to belabor the question jeff asked, but as all preachers are errant, why this particular caveat concerning Dr. MacArthur's precision and accuracy? Thanks, Elijah

  7. Turretinfan Says:

    Elijah,I’m mostly worried that charismatic (in the sense of their personality) preachers can sometimes obtain followings that are not discerning. Just because a man is a good preacher is no excuse to shut off one’s brain.-TurretinFan

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