Psalm 145 – Dramatic Reading

Today, I came across an interesting dramatic reading of Psalm 145. There are few things I’d nitpick over (such as the cheering, the fact that Psalm is really designed to be sung, and some of the weird facial expressions and gestures of the presenter), but if you simply listen to the clip you’ll get to hear a reading of the one hundred forty-fifth psalm in the ESV.

H.T. to Sarah at Sarah’s Journal for pointing this out (link).

UPDATE: Evidently the man reading this psalm is Ryan Ferguson.

2 Responses to “Psalm 145 – Dramatic Reading”

  1. luvvom Says:

    He does a great job doesn’t he? I’ve tried memorizing this chapter and I guess I just don’t have the brain for it anymore! I should have memorized it when I was younger!

  2. natamllc Says:

    Just imagine the current six billion souls of God’s creation all standing and saying that Psalm in union! Oh, would we hear something Majestic?I suppose we would if we were in Heaven listening. :)If not, I imagine I would be speaking and looking like everyone who sees me speaking sees!

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