Newman Not Incorrupt (apparently)!

In what is undoubtedly a set-back of some sort for the movement to make former Cardinal Newman a saint, it is being reported that no significant physical remains of Newman were found in his coffin (link).

That will not, of course, stop the movement. I doubt they are looking for suggestions about how to justify classifying him as a “saint.” If so, however, you could rely on the obviously supernatural oxidization pattern on the brass plate of his tomb.



Although perhaps the hand in the second image should be point a bit more downward.

Democrats, however, will be glad to see that the upper left corner of the plate has taken on the silhouette of a donkey’s head, thereby symbolizing Cardinal Newman’s approval of Senator Biden’s bizarre rationalization of his own status as anti-life Romanist.

But seriously, folks – Cardinal Newman (one of the most celebrated “converts” from the Church of England) is not deserving of special attention. Even assuming, for the sake of the argument, that he was a believer, he was a sinner in need of a savior, just like every other person. There is no need, no use, and no value in trying to seek his intercession through prayer. Religious veneration of his remains or of images of him are idolatry – failure to give all religious veneration only to God.


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