Chinese Government Distributing Bibles

I ran across this interesting blog post at the Theologica blog(link). The post explains that the Chinese government (!) will be distributing 10,000 bilingual Chinese/English Bibles in the Olympic village. I hope that many of those Bibles will not make back home, but will be redistributed to the billion or so Chinese folks who have not read it. I know 10,000 is an insignificant number among so many people, but it is a start.

Praise be to God for this concession from the government of the world’s largest nation,


5 Responses to “Chinese Government Distributing Bibles”

  1. Alexander Greco Says:

    Would you or anyone else happen to know if these bibles will contain commentary as well? I would not doubt that an approved bible would contain commentary which emphasizes the socialistic interpretations of Scripture.

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    Dear AG:Not sure about whether commentary is included. Apparently, the translations provided are literal translations.-TurretinFan

  3. Alexander Greco Says:

    That is certainly a plus.

  4. Mike Burgess Says:

    The Chinese Union Version is from 1919 and is outdated. The Mandarin vernacular version most commonly printed (about 45,000,000 thus far) apparently comes across the way Civil War era correspondence does to contemporary Americans. Many of the ideograms in the CUV are not in modern dictionaries. There is a NT revision completed and an OT revision in progress, and one hopes that they are using something other than the English Revised Version for the direct translation. (The original translators did consult manuscripts at the time for comparison.) Better than nothing? Absolutely. Side-by-side with the very fine ESV? Kudos. (Exclusion of Deuterocanonicals? Boo. It is intended for Protestant Christian audiences.)Now if we could get the Communist (sic) government to cease their nonsensical “Chinese Patriotic” counterfeit Catholic business and stop persecuting real Catholics (and Protestants), that would be progress.

  5. Turretinfan Says:

    It may be somewhat outdated, but hey – that hasn’t stopped the KJV from having a good effect.

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