What Calvinism Is Not!

Many of Calvinism’s most vocal critiques could learn a thing or seven from Gordan Runyan’s latest post at Reformed Mafia (link). Gordon explains what TULIP:

T => Total Depravity = Really and truly dead in sin => R
U => Unconditional Election = Only cause of salvation to be found in God => O
L => Limited Atonement = Substitutionary and definite atonement => S
I => Irresistible Grace = Enlivening power of God on dead sinners => E
P => Perseverance of the Saints = Salvation is eternal life => S

(or ROSES, by another name)

is not. Frankly, given the number of misconceptions out there, this post is worth its weight in gold.


One Response to “What Calvinism Is Not!”

  1. Gordan Runyan Says:

    Thanks for the link and generous words directed toward the article.SDG

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