Response to Steve Ray on Petrine Primacy

I’ve provided a response to one of Steve Ray’s blog posts in which he suggests that there are some verses related to Peter and the Papacy that are frequently overlooked by Protestants. My response can be found here (link) at the Team Apologian blog.

Another time that the Team Apologian blog has addressed Steve Ray’s teachings on the supposed primacy of Peter can be found here (link).

May God edify the readers!


One Response to “Response to Steve Ray on Petrine Primacy”

  1. natamllc Says:

    TF,I want to bring out an experience I experienced while visiting a King of a small “kingdom”. This King, a Christian man, was very humble and poor. How can a King be poor? Well, that’s for another time.While with him, my purpose for visiting him in the Washington D.C. area was I was getting specific instructions from him regarding some personal matters he wanted me to do for him on his behalf when I left the United States shortly thereafter and headed for the airport to fly to the West African nation where his “kingdom” exists. He was living in exile. His Grandfather, had passed and his father, next in line, passed on becoming the next King of this kingdom because of poor health leaving him to assume the throne of this small West African “kingdom”. I first met him several years before and we became close friends all the while not knowing of his Royalty, a Crown Prince.He is very gentle and speaks softly. His training brought him this, walk softly and carry a big stick. He was always very polite and well mannered young man.The story. While receiving last minute instructions from him, he said this, “Oh, Michael, and when you arrive at the airport in my country I will have already arranged for you to be picked up. I cannot now do it because of the time differences. But rest assured before you land in my country everything will have been arranged. Someone from the Palace will meet you and bring you to the place arranged for you to stay. And, one more thing, when they bring you to the Palace, Members of my court will immediately greet you and bring you to my Throne Room so that I will welcome you to my kingdom even though you and I know I will not be there but here. It is my way of welcoming you to my kingdom. Please enjoy your stay on my behalf. Once there and brought inside my Throne room, you will see something unusual. Placed on my Throne will be a sword. It won’t be very ornate, but it will be old and well used!”Hmmmmmm, my mind was racing to ask why?”And another thing, do not, for any reason, go up and touch my Throne! That sword is there in my absence. In fact, I have never sat on that seat, ever. The last King that did was my grand father and he has passed. My father has passed the Authority of my kingdom to me because of health and political reasons and I have been ordained here in America King. I live in exile. I cannot go to my country until the political powers that be change favorably for me. I may never go to my home land ever in my life time. I was brought out as a young boy for my safety. But, however, that does not take away my authority as the King there. I am now ruling from here as the King. I have a kingdom. I have a seat of authority. And if any one wants to die prematurely, all they have to do is go into the Throne room and touch the Throne and promptly they will be taken outside and have their head chopped off with that sword!”Oh!, hmmmmmmm, I thought. Wow, amazing. I didn’t want to ask him any more then and I certainly wanted to come back to America, so I was not going to touch the Throne! :)Then an amazing story opened to me from Scripture that wasn’t so clear to me before after reading it many times and pondering the intent. The amazing story is found in 2 Samuel 7 and 1 Chronicles 17.Yes, though Jesus left His Seat of Authority, became wholly a Man, a Son of Adam, come in the Flesh, born of a Virgin, died and was buried, resurrected, His Divine Authority was resident at His Father’s Righthand, Our Heavenly Father’s Place, sitting on His Throne!

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