I recently came across a an interesting web site that appears to have as its primary focus the propagation of the Bible. One of the most interesting aspects of the web site is that it has a number of resources available both via its own website but also via the self-publishing website LuLu. According to the information on the website, the LuLu publications are at the cost set by LuLu, which entails no royalties for Obviously, there is no way for me to verify this, but the costs are very low in most cases.

Those on an even more limited budget will find interesting the free resources available not only from the website, but also via LuLu. I’ve provided an index of those resources, below, for my readers’ convenience.

Bible Versions


Bulgarian Bible based on 1940 edition, revised by


Dutch Statenvertaling Bible


The Geneva Bible 1599

Geneva Bible 1599 (Facsimile)

KJV 1611 Bible

KJV 1613 Bible (Facsimile Edition w/Apocrypha)

The Companion Bible


French Bible Louis Segond Version


Gothic Bible and Dictionary

Greek NT

Byzantine Majority Greek NT

Erasmus Greek-Latin New Testament 1522

The New Testament in the Original Greek Byzantine Textform 2005

Greek NT (Critical Editions) “4 in 1” Greek NT

Novum Testamentum Graece, Editio Octava Critica Maior (Vol I)

Novum Testamentum Graece, Editio Octava Critica Maior (Vol II)


Westminster Leningrad Codex v4.5

Westminster Leningrad Codex v4.5 (LARGE TYPE)

Salkinson-Ginsburg’s Hebrew New Testament


Latin Vulgate Bible (Biblia Sacra juxta Vulgatam Clementinam)


Complutensian Polyglot, Vol I: OLD TESTAMENT

Complutensian Polyglot, Vol II: NEW TESTAMENT


Cambridge Septuagint Vol I: Genesis – IV Kings

Cambridge Septuagint Vol II: I Chronicles – Tobit

Cambridge Septuagint Vol III: Hosea – IV Maccabees


Ostrozhskaya Biblia 1581, Volume I

Ostrozhskaya Biblia 1581, Volume II


Swedish 1917 Bible


Библия Russian Synodal Bible Fifth Edition of Russian Synodal Bible


Spanish Reina-Valera 1909 Bible


Syriac Dictionary

Bible: Young’s Literal Translation.

Syriac Grammar and Gospels


Ukrainian Bible


Yiddish New Testament (PDF)

Massoretic Materials

The Massorah compiled from Manuscripts (volume I)

The Massorah compiled from Manuscripts (volume II)

The Massorah compiled from Manuscripts (volume III)

The Massorah compiled from Manuscripts (volume IV)

Apocryphal / Patristic Materials

Gospel of John: Coptic MS Q

The Book of Enoch (Greek-English-Russian)

The Greek text of I Enoch


I have linked only to the “free” items. There are other items available as well. There are also some more questionable items. For example, the web site contains a Russian translation of one of Ellen G. White’s works, which is disappointing to see. Main Page LuLu Web Page



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  1. Albert Medina Says:

    Hi Turretinfan,I think the first Bible version in your list is “Bulgarian,” not “Dutch.” The Dutch is the second one, not the first. Thanks for the links and congratulations for being part of Dr. White’s Pros Apologian. I will be waiting for more of your posts. Thanks. :)

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    Thanks for the correction, I’ll update shortly.

  3. Tigran Aivazian Says:

    Hi Turretinfan,Thank you for mentioning some of the items I made available on my website.First of all, it goes without saying that only a tiny-tiny “tip of the iceberg” could be made available openly — i.e. my e-library contains over a million of rare books (practically everything [interesting] that was ever published or hand-written) but if I make everything available then I will be crushed by the powers beyond comprehension.Second, NOT all the books I published I approve of. E.g. you mention E.G. White’s book as “disappointing to see” but I never said that I approve or agree with its content. But as I read mostly what I publish myself so, having published White’s book I thought it would be a waste of effort to just “throw it away” and so have made it available. Likewise with Panin’s Greek NT — I do not approve of his “method” but it is a useful book and so I make it available anyway.Another point. You omitted from your list (probably because this item didn’t exist yet when you compiled your list) the most important work I _ever_ published, i.e. I consider it almost the _only_ serious completed project of significance. I am talking about the critical edition of Classical Armenian Bible (The Zohrab Bible). Currently it is available in 3 volumes but I have already prepared a more economical 1-volume edition which will cost 4 times less, i.e. a mere 12.12 GBP or $22.00 or 17.71 EUR. I am waiting for my copy to arrive so I can check that they printed everything (like margins etc) correctly and then I’ll open access to it to the public and announce it on the website and mailing list.Another major work (but this one is just a facsimile edition, not typeset from scratch as my other books) is the Major Massoretico-critical edition of Hebrew Bible by C.D. Ginsburg, BFBS edition (originally in 4 volumes but I concatenated it into 3 volumes to save people’s money).ShalomTigran

  4. Tigran Aivazian Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention another thing. You say “there is no way for me to verify this” (about me not getting any money from the sales of my books). But there IS a way to verify this by ANYONE. Namely, you just select some book (no need to buy it, just point your browser at it!) and note the number of pages and the type of binding (page size, paperback or hardback etc). Then go to Lulu’s “cost calculator” (in their Help section search for “cost calculator”) and calculate the cost of this type of book with this number of pages. The result will show you that I am not lying, i.e. the cost calculated will match the price displayed on my site.

  5. Turretinfan Says:

    Tigran,Thanks for the verification.-TurretinFan

  6. Turretinfan Says:

    By way of clarification, I have only individually linked to the documents that are available for free via LuLu. I recognize that there are additional books available, but at some small cost.I think the Armenian Bible you mentioned is an example of that.-TurretinFan

  7. Tigran Aivazian Says:

    Ok, I understand. Btw, linking directly to the PDF files via Lulu is not always a good idea because you may be pointing to an obsolete version of the file. This does in fact happen in your case with the Russian Synodal Bible — your link points to an earlier revision (I checked). If you had pointed to the actual content page on Lulu (which provides a free PDF download link once you click on “Add to Cart”) then it would be always uptodate.Also, for the critical edition of the ancient Classical Armenian Bible I am not (unfortunately) at liberty to make the pdf file available (otherwise I certainly would have done so). This is a joint publication with the Bible Society of Armenia (part of UBS) and so we have both rights and responsibilities. This is why only the printed version is available. My copy of the 1-volume edition should arrive today and if all is OK I’ll open access to it to the world. If you are wondering why I go on and on about this particular Bible — it is actually quite an important edition because the ancient (late 4th — early 5th century) Armenian translation is one of the several primary textual witnesses (on par with latin, syriac and coptic). And this is the _only_ critical edition (with a huge apparatus) thereof ever produced. The original work done in 1805 has been out of print for a century or so and until a few years ago was obtainable (for $200!) only in a poor quality (some pages unreadable) facsimile form but now even that facsimile is out of print. So I am not boasting when I emphasize the importance of this edition I produced…And the value of Armenian text witness is enhanced by the fact that sometimes it contains readings not attested either by Syriac or Greek (upon which it is supposedly based). Another curious (unexplained!) mystery is that very often when it goes against the LXX it agrees with Ge`ez (Ethiopic) text even though there is no known affinity with Ethiopia or other reasons for these coincidences exist.I also provide a cheap (PDF FREE, printed for £5, i.e. 30 times cheaper than the same book on Grammar by Aucher and Lord Byron (yes, it is the same English poet Lord Byron who is quoted to have called the ancient Armenian translation “the queen of translations” :)

  8. Turretinfan Says:

    There is (I think) a link to the LuLu page at the bottom of my post.I can understand why it would not be possible to make the Armenian Bible free, and I agree that it is a very significant and helpful project.-TurretinFan

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