He Descended Into Hell

Recently, an article by Pastor Hyde, published as: “In Defense of the Descendit: A Confessional Response to Contemporary Critics of Christ’s Descent into Hell” (The Confessional Presbyterian 3 (2007) 104–117) has come to my attention. (link to article)

I enjoyed the article, which provides a Reformed rebuttal both to criticisms (from well-meaning but ill-informed Reformed and other Evangelical folks) and abuses (from Romanists and others). It’s a great example of taking back the so-called Apostle’s Creed from historical revisionism.

Although, of course, we do not consider the Apostle’s Creed to be itself apostolic, nor to be authoritative, it is still encouraging to see that it is not something that must be rejected as heterodox.


3 Responses to “He Descended Into Hell”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not heterodox, but at the same time, not understood. I cannot see the value of mouthing words which are more than likely misunderstood by many in the congregation. So I disagree with you (for a change). __Godith

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    If I had advocating people mouthing it who don’t understand it, you’d be able to disagree with me (for a change). But for now you’ll have to be content to agree with me, as I haven’t suggested such a thing.

  3. David Ould Says:

    It’s interesting. I’ve written on this same subject a few years ago.All comments welcomed.David (Cranmer from #pros)

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