First Post of the First Round of Sola Scriptura Debate Posted

The post may be found here (link). I have titled the debate “Sola Scriptura vs. Roman Catholicism,” not because I am unaware of the different rites that exist within what calls itself “Catholicism,” but because I must deny (with all non-“Roman Catholic” Christians) that the church headed by the Pope is the universal church. Thus, without animosity or without intent to disparage, you may find reference in the debate to the church that confesses, as its earthly head, Benedict XVI, variously as the “Roman Catholic” (RC) church, the Romanist church, or the papists. I don’t mean to use those terms jeeringly, and I hope no unnecessary offense will be taken at them. I recognize that papists prefer the term “Catholic,” but that term is misleading and inaccurate – and putting it in quotation marks in every instance would seem to be at least as much a distraction as using the descriptive term “papist” to describe those who hold to the supposed infallibility of the Roman pontiff, or “Romanist” to describe those who view Rome as being the seat of government of the entire Church of God. In any event, I trust that the learned reader who is himself a Roman Catholic, whether of Latin rite, Byzantine rite, or Chaldean rite, will look past the labels involved and search the Scriptures to see whether their church is in error. (link to first round affirmative post)


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