Reformed Blog in Farsi

To some extent, I have to trust my Farsi-reading viewers to confirm that the blog I’m linking to below is in fact Farsi and is in fact Reformed. Nevertheless, based on the information I have, if you are interested in the Bible and more familiar with Farsi or a related language, this blog may be for you (link). Evidentally the raison d’etre of the blog is to provide an improved translation of the Bible into Farsi.


5 Responses to “Reformed Blog in Farsi”

  1. Farshad Says:

    The Farsi blog is very interesting.I can read Farsi, but it takes me a long time when the print is so small. Anyway, praise God for this! The gentleman there is quoting lots of Puritan’s like Thomas Menton, Thomas Brooks, J. C. Ryle, and Richard Baxter.They want to work on a new more accurate Bible translation in association with the Trinitarian bible society. see the link I look forward to reading his articles more in depth.Sincerely,Farshad

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    The text size can be a real problem with Arabic fonts, as 12 point – which is fine for Roman and Greek letters, is a bit small for Arabaic letters. One solution is to go to the “View” menu in Internet Explorer and select the option under “Text Size” to view in a larger size.

  3. Farshad Says:

    Thomas Menton should have been Thomas Manton.vowels in between Farsi letters are not obvious, as they can be “e”, short “a” or “o”. I found a quote from Richard Sibbs also today.Farshad

  4. Farshad Says:

    Here is a sample of two of the good quotes from the Puritans. I hope the Farsi script comes out.FarshadاحساساتEmotionsبیان حکیم پیوریتانA wise expression to follow*هیچ ارزیاب خوبی نیست*“There is no good evaluation.”محبت و فیض خداوند را با احساس خود نسنجید. خورشید در تاریکترین روز مانند روزهای روشن به قشنگی می‌درخشد. فرق آن از خورشید نیست، بلکه از ابرهایی که مانع دیدن نور آن می‌شوند. (ریچارد سیبز)“Don’t judge the love and grace of God by your own emotions. The sun on the darkest day is like bright days shining in beauty. The difference is not from the sun, but rather it is from the clouds that hinder seeing the light of it.”Richard Sibbs*ایمان و احساس*ایمان مسیحی عاطفه را از باطل نکرده، بلکه آنرا تنظیم می‌کند. (توماس مَنتون)“The Christian Faith does not cancel emotion but it regulates and tames it.”Thomas Manton

  5. farsibible Says:

    My dear Iranian brother,Thank you for your kind comments about the Farsi weblog. I am an Iranian Reformed Baptist pastor, pastoring an English congregation in Cheltenham, England. As far as I know there are no other blogsite or websites that are thoroughly Reformed, Confessional and non-eccumenical.My intention for the publications on the weblog is to be evangelistic, doctrinal, and dealing with contemporary issues in Iranian churches (which is so mixed). Also my intention is to raise the awareness of the Iranian community to a great need of an accurate translation/revision of the Farsi Bible which is following the tradition of Henry Martin and Robert Bruce. This work is being undertaken by the Trinitarian Bible Society, London. The gospel of John has already been published. The text is based upon the historic Reformation text, known as the Received Text. This surpasses in accuracy and reliability over the latest “New Millenium” New Testament published by Elam ministries, London. Moreover we are publishing translations of various works, puritan in nature.Please contact us for further information.Yours for the Glory of Christ,Pooyan Mehrshahi

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