Old but Good Books from Google

There are a remarkable number of good old books available in whole or in part at Google Books. Here is a list of a few that I have come across recently.

I’ll begin with the what seems to me to be the gem of the collection (links are to Google Books except as noted otherwise):

Ridgley, Thomas – A Body of Divinity, being the substance of Lectures on the Larger Catechism (vol. 1)(vol. 1 – second copy); (vol 2)(vol. 2 – second copy) (pdf/txt/main from Archive); (vol. 3); and (vol. 4)(vol. 4 – second copy)

Watson, Thomas – A Body of Practical Divinity, Consisting of more than 170 Sermons on the Shorter Catechism, 4th Edition (link)

Tenison, Thomas – Popery Not Founded on Scripture (vol. 2)

Usher, James – Eighteen Sermons Preached in Oxford (link)

Gillespie, George – Treatise of Miscellany Questions (link)

Charnock, Stephen – Two Discourse: Of Man’s Emnity to God; and Of the Salvation of Sinners (link)

Sedgwick, Obadiah – Humbled Sinner Resolved what he should do to be Saved (link)

Beveridge, William – Theological Thesaurus (link)

Mather, Samuel – The Figures or Types of the Old Testament by which Christ and the Heavenly Things of the Gospel were Preached and Shadowed to the People of God of Old (link)

I cannot vouch for every word of each book, but they are generally books that have proven their worth over time.

Sola Deo Gloria!


One Response to “Old but Good Books from Google”

  1. David Says:

    Great stuff! Here are some other good classics on Google I have come across recently:BB Warfield: Calvin and the ReformationBB Warfield: The Plan of SalvationCharles Hodge: A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans J Gresham Machen: The Origin of Paul’s Religion (this is an excellent resource for responding to “Jesus came from myth religions” argumentation that many uneducated skeptics put forth)

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