YnottonY transcribes a DL conversation

I am afraid the title of his post may be a bit misleading, but YnottonY has transcribed a portion of Dr. White’s Dividing Line show, and the title appears to be his only comment on it. I have not checked the transcription for accuracy in any formal way. (link)

It’s important to note that one impression people might get from Tony’s title is that Dr. White denies that God commands all men to repent and believe. He does not deny that, in fact Dr. White affirms that.


7 Responses to “YnottonY transcribes a DL conversation”

  1. Tartanarmy Says:

    Interesting stuff. I am no stranger to Mr Byrne and Mr Ponter. I just wonder if they shall treat Dr White the way they treated me. To this very hour they will not even extend the courtesy of calling me brother despite all of our interaction on this issue which seems to be their “only” issue.And btw, the caller transcribed by Tony is Jason from the UK, who I have had good interaction with in the past upon this subject. He actually stuck up for me at Unchained radio forums when “Trey Austin” (ironically) banned me because I dared to suggest openly that Tony and David’s interpretations of certain passages were the same as Arminians had interpreted them.I was banned for saying the truth and it created quite a stir.But, I just wanted to let you know about Jason, because those guys were doing their utmost back then to dissuade Jason from listening to me!It was good to hear Jason has not yet fully embraced some of Byrne’s and Ponter’s views upon the atonement and actually could hear what Dr White was saying respectfully, which is exactly what I have been saying on this matter etc.The only difference I can see is that I got hammered by those guys (Trey, Tony and Ponter) and was treated very badly by them, so Dr White can be thankful for his treatment at their hands thus far!Maybe I have taken all their heat and there is little left for others, I dunno. I can only hope.Mark

  2. Tartanarmy Says:

    Oh btw, this blog is very good.Mark

  3. Turretinfan Says:

    Thank you, Mark. Sadly, you are not the first person to tell me of such an experience. I hope, however, that perhaps the group will engage the post above, and actually answer the tough questions.-TurretinFan

  4. YnottonY Says:

    T-Fan,If you (or anyone else) want to see one of the places where I last engaged Tartanarmy (Mark) publically on Calvinistic issues, then visit this post on Gene Cook’s The Narrow Mind Aftermath (click). Gene Cook himself (an Owenist/Murrayite) commended my posts. I don’t know if you will allow this comment to go through, but at least you (T-Fan) will have it to investigate.

  5. Turretinfan Says:

    YnottonY:I’ve posted your comment. The post to which you link has a comment box of its own, in which there are a whole of accusations, arguments, etc.I’m not too interested in the character of either you and your group or Mark.So far, I have received only one answer to the questions I posed above. That was only a partial answer, and it was not from someone in your group, but from a Roman Catholic.-TurretinFan

  6. Tartanarmy Says:

    Yes, one of the “last” places we interacted. I could link people to a whole range of “earlier” links which might give some balance and perspective, but I will not do that here.Mark

  7. Turretinfan Says:

    Thanks, Mark.

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