Gambling Habit

A supposedly “prominent” nun who goes by the title and name “Sr. Barbara Markey” has given new jocular (for an outsider) meaning to the term “gambling habit.” One can almost imagine a casino with Ms. Markey glumly cranking away at a slot machine in full black-and-white nun regalia, and perhaps an oversized cross around her neck. Unforunately, Ms. Markey’s habit led her to steal money from her diocese to feed the habit.

It’s the closest that this blog will come this year to making any of its readers Le Poisson d’Avril, though apparently (sadly) the story is true.

(link to Oak Leaves’ account of the matter)

(link to original story)

Incidentally, this is not a criticism of Catholicism or monasticism, both of which I soundly reject for other and more important reasons. Also, although the habit/habit pun is funny to me, embezzling funds is no joke – whether performed by a supposedly religious person or by any other person.


4 Responses to “Gambling Habit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Embezzling is wrong”; how about gambling? –Godith

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    Gambling is obviously wrong because it can be abused, just as in this instance. :)More seriously, the extent to which gambling is wrong seems to depend from the motivation behind it.Gambling doesn’t appear to be explicitly condemned in Scripture, but gambling any significant amount of one’s money is (fairly apparently) bad stewardship. Gambling as an attempt to avoid working is sloth.Also, given gambling’s addictive nature, I’d be loathe to promote gambling even in moderation. That said, since Scripture doesn’t clearly prohibit all gambling (i.e. even gambling trivial amounts of money purely as a recreation), I’d rather not stand in judgment against people who fall in that category.-TurretinFan

  3. Anonymous Says:

    An occasional lottery ticket here and there might be a bit fun….–Godith

  4. Turretinfan Says:

    I in no way endorse the lotteries, though I have no desire to be overly strict or to bind anyone’s conscience.

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