Calvinist Free Will at Work

This interesting video, which I found thanks to the JollyBlogger, provides an excellent illustration of the fact that man’s will chooses according to reasons, which call “causes.”

We would not say that the men in this video were forced to choose the advertising scheme they selected, nevertheless, their choices were clearly not free in a “Libertarian Free Will” sense, but rather in a Calvinist sense.


2 Responses to “Calvinist Free Will at Work”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you both for this example. I am living in an Arminian Paradise (sounds like a Weird Al Song)no Reformed Churches for houndreds of miles, as far as I know, and no one understands what I say or wants to listen to a heretic (as one Pastor,in a rage,called all Cavinists,the other one said don’t even both talking to Calvinist all they do is argue)So now I have at least an example that maybe clear to a few who do still e-mail me. Thanks Ev

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    I hope so, Ev!-TurretinFan

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