Anti-Spanking Propoganda

I have previously noted that corporal punishment of children by their parents, especially their fathers, is a Scriptural mandate. Liberalism does not approve. Liberalism views spanking a form of child abuse, and seeks to outlaw it. In some places, such as Sweden, Liberalism has succeeded in that objective. In other places, parents continue to have the right to raise their children in love.

The Apostle Paul explains:

Nevertheless, modern liberalism opposes spanking out of a false sense of love, and a false concept of what love is. Most amusing in this opposition to love was an article posted at MSN Health. The article attempted to demonize spanking by trying to link it to bad behavior.

The article made various allegations. Perhaps they are even true. Although I have provided a link, I don’t suggest that anyone read it (link). Nevertheless, if one reads it one will find a curious, seemingly anachronistic reference to sexual deviancy.

You see, in general liberalism doesn’t like to speak of sexual behaviors as “deviant.” After all, liberalism is the largest voice for the sexual deviancy of fornication and especially homosexual fornication. The only reason to use that kind of terminology is to try to confuse non-Liberals.

Why would that be done? Because the piece is essentially an apologetic aimed at drumming up opposition to spanking from social conservatives.

Don’t get me wrong: spanking can be abused. We must discipline our children (corporeally when necessary), but we must do so in love, not in rage. Furthermore, we must teach our children what is right and wrong when it comes to sexual behaviors. We cannot oppose liberalism on child discipline but swallow the camel of sexual deviance endorsed by liberalism in the various forms of extramarital sexual relations.

We should not buy the anti-spanking propoganda, but we must learn from the cautions it provides. We must teach our young men how they should behave themselves. Furthermore, we must be cautious to implement spanking and other forms of corporeal discipline for the benefit of our children.


2 Responses to “Anti-Spanking Propoganda”

  1. zog Says:

    TF,I have four children and have spanked them all. Three are too old to spank anymore however the last one is still getting a few. And in doing so I have always tried to do it in love and it has drawn me closer to my children. If you asked them today “why does/did your daddy spank you” they would all say “because he loves me”.I read the same article this week and I knew the conclusion was false because the Bible commands me as a father to spank. The words of God are always truth.Zog

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    Thanks for that encouraging anecdote, Zog! I’m sure others could say the same thing. Spanking is something that is not pleasant at the time, but afterwards we can appreciate it.

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