Benedict Pictet – Son in Law of Francis Turretin

Benedict Pictet was the Son-in-Law and spiritual successor of Turretin in Geneva.

Here are a list of his works that are currently available (to my knowledge). Sadly, only one is currently freely available in English.

Pictet, Benedict – Brevis Syllabus Controversarium (Brief Syllabus of Controversies) (Latin) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – Theologia Christiana (Christian Theology) (Latin) (link) (this may be incomplete, as the entire work may span multiple volumes)
Pictet, Benedict – Christian Theology (in English!) (link) (pdf from ( black and white pdf from (txt format)
Pictet, Benedict – Traite Centre L’Indifference Des Religions (Main Traits of Religious Indifference) (French) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – La Morale Chretienne ou L’Art De Bien Vivre (The Moral Christian or the Art of the Good Life) (French) (link)
Pictet, Benedict – Prières pour tous les jours de la semaine (Prayers for all the days of the week) (French) (link)

Finally, here is a quick biography of the man:
de Bude, Eugene – Vie de Benedict Pictet (Life of Benedict Pictet) (French) (link)


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