Thoughts on Abortion

By abortion I mean intentional unjustified termination of the life of an unborn child.

Abortion is wrong. It is a sin, and a violation of the 6th commandment. It is a particularly heinous sin when committed by a child’s father or mother. It ought to be crime, and governments who refuse to treat it as a crime risk God’s judgment for failing to act justly.

Abortion is properly classifed as murder, because an unborn child is a person. An unborn child is a human being. An unborn child has a separate physical existence from its parents, even though it is totally reliant on its mother for nutrition, support, protection, and so forth.

That the child’s father committed rape or incest is not ordinarily a justification for termination of the life of the child, whether or not the child was conceived as a result of that sinful action by the child’s father.

That a child’s mother committed a capital offense (and rape or incest might qualify as such an offense) may justify the termination of the life of the child, as collateral to the just judgment of death on the mother.

That a child is going to kill its mother may be a justification for terminating the life of the child, under a self-defense principle. That is to say, a mother (or a father acting as head of the family) may be justified in killing her child if the child is going to kill her, and if killing the child is the only way (back to the wall limitation) to stop the child from killing her.

Criminal law is not the sphere of authority of every government. Some politcal structures, like America or the European Union, have many spheres of authority. While it is the duty of the magistrate generally to protect life, it may not be, for example, for either the highest or lowest spheres of government to be enacing criminalization of abortion laws, if such laws do not fall within the proper scope of their authority.

Likewise, it is not the Christian’s duty to become abortion vigilantes, hunting down and executing justice on those who commit unjustified abortions.

That a child is very small is not a justification for killing a child.
That a child is not likely to have an enjoyable life is not justification for killing a child.
That a child is very ill is not a justification for killing a child.
That a child might endanger the life of its mother is not a justification for killing a child.

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The point of this post is not to judge sinners. Judgment is the responsibility of God and the kings of the earth. Nor is the point of this post to judge kings who are sinners.

Instead, the point of this post is to entreat the kings and rulers of this world to enact just laws that protect the lives of innocent children, and justly punish those who take their lives.

May God bless this world with more nations that protect the lives of the unborn,


5 Responses to “Thoughts on Abortion”

  1. Paul Hoffer Says:

    Turretinfan,Amen!BTW, you may enjoy reading a book about a female doctor who faced the situation where she had to choose between keeping her baby or having an operation to save her life that would have also caused the abortion of her unborn child titled “Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: A Woman’s Life (1922-1962)” by Giuliana Pelucchi. Boston: Pauline Books and Media (2002).

  2. natamllc Says:

    “Women are not stupid….women have always known that there was life there”, comment from Faye Wattleton, then Planned Parenthood President.I meet a group of Pastors and Christian leaders weekly. Today was no exception. Today’s topic was abortion. A Pastor of a local Church from our area came to the meeting two Wednesdays ago and stated he wanted to address the topic on abortion soon as he had now become a regular attendee to a group: “Clergy for Choice”. He was once Pro-Life and now he is pro-choice. He didn’t want to keep coming to that general Wednesday meeting without the group of us knowing his new position and he wanted an opportunity to openly discuss with the group his new views from a Scriptural bases and give us the opportunity to ask him to not come to our weekly meetings.Needless to say, it didn’t go well for him on Scriptural grounds today. He is quite deceived and his Scriptural view is twisted; however we told him that his views would be respected just not accepted and quite to the contrary, he might rethink whether or not, with his public views, he would want to stop attending our meetings seeing we were a group of outspoken and clearly Pro-Life Pastors and Ministers. His new found group of Pro-Choice Clergy might take exception to him meeting with us, not the other way around.

  3. Turretinfan Says:

    Very sad to hear of men of the cloth who are not opposed to abortion. May God open their eyes!

  4. Paul Hoffer Says:

    And to add to what Turretinfan said . . .May God open their hearts as well!

  5. Carrie Says:

    “Clergy for Choice”That phrase SHOULD be an oxymoron.

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