The Real Turretin: on Justification

GreenBaggins has posted an article that provides a small piece of Turretin’s writings on Justification (link). The article complains about the lack of free availability of Turretin in electronic form. It’s worth noting that Turretin’s magnum opus is freely available (link), but there is a catch: it’s in the original Latin.

For more (in English) of Turretin on Justification:

Justification, Forensic or Moral? (answer: Forensic) (link) (second link) (third link)


2 Responses to “The Real Turretin: on Justification”

  1. Machaira Says:

    You really had me going there for a second, TF! I was ready to hit the link – then I saw the qualifier. Oh well. Maybe I’ll learn Latin someday. ;)

  2. Turretinfan Says:

    Here’s my Latin learning suggestion from experience (Same as Shirley Temple’s advice on how to win a Lifetime Achievement award): start young.:)If you can learn Latin later, great for you! It’s challenging enough when one’s mind is inclined to soak up languages.-Turretinfan

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