Finally, a Free Ethiopic Grammar!

I doubt very much that many of my readers had been waiting eagerly for the announcement, but Google Books has an apparently mostly complete (perhaps totally complete, I haven’t scanned thoroughly enough to be sure) copy of Dillman’s “Ethiopic Grammar” (1907) (link). For those who like something bound, I think this was recently reprinted in 2003.

For those interested in textual criticism, who are really interested in tracking down the attestation of the Ethiopic/Aetheopic (or other spellings) translation of the Bible (which was apparently fairly early, and which apparently had little contact with Rome over the years), this is an essential resource. If there is a better work on the subject in any language (even in Amharic), I’m unaware of it.

For most everyone else, they will probably just chuckle at my excitement.

May God be glorified, and His people (whatever language they speak) be edified.


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