Cheerful Stroll Down the Broad Road

It was disappointing to read this recent blog post (link) by Alvin Kimel (a Roman Catholic priest) who had led us to believe that he had given up blogging (link and link). He presents the post as though he is not afraid of death and hell, as though he is whistling along the path, and yet the fact remains that he is on the broad road that leads to destruction – and unless he turns, destruction will find him, no matter how unafraid he may claim to be.

Here is a man who will openly state that “I do not believe God to be the absolute predestinarian of Augustine, Calvin, Beza, and Bañez.” Amidst various blasphemies Kimel writes: “The God and Father of Jesus Christ intends the eternal salvation of every human being he has made and will make, without exception.”

There are only two ways to go from there:

1) Universalism; and

2) Calling God a failure.

If Kimel’s claim is true, God either will save all mankind or God is unable to achieve what he intends. The former is an utterly useless doctrine. If it is true, we do not need it, and if it is false, we do not want it. The latter denies God’s essential attribute of omnipotence.

Kimel’s condemnation, as things stand, is just. He even admits: “I know that I traduce the vast theological work of St Augustine.”

He states: “I do not fear the God who is Holy Trinity. I fear my own freedom to turn from this God, to hide myself in an impenetrable egotism and despair which will forever close me to the roar of his love.” Kimel’s position is the consistent position of the semi-Pelagian who elevates himself to the determinative cause of his own salvation. He lacks fear of the Judge, he fears himself. He ought to fear God and God’s judgment, and that ought to push him to renounce his own freedom as the source of his salvation. If you fear yourself, it would seem that you are trusting in yourself.

Kimel states that “to this Jesus I entrust my future; to his Father I commend my spirit” but he does so without knowing who Jesus is. He does not know the Logos, the Word made flesh, the omnipotent God the Son. The problem with Kimel’s confession of faith is not that he got the names wrong. It is in the Holy Trinity that we must trust.

The problem with Kimel’s confession of faith is the disclaimer, the fact that Kimel still fails to know the love of God. It is not his faith in Christ that assures him of God’s love, but a sub-omnipotent view of divine omnicordiality. But for the Christian, this is not so.

Our love for God demonstrates to us that he loved us first. Our awareness of our transformation from God-haters and blasphemers to lovers of God makes us aware that God has begun a good work in us. Our knowledge that God is omnipotent to finish what he started gives us assurance that we will be saved from judgment.

There is still time for Kimel, that he will repent and turn to Christ. Many have done so before him, from Augustine to Luther, and so on. But he must turn to the Christ of the Gospel, not to the myth of Christ presented by the Vatican. He must turn to Christ and trust in Christ alone for salvation: not to the mediatorial work of the Mother of Christ or passed-on saints, not to a treasury of merit, not merely on a belief in the general mercy of God (though God is merciful).

Kimel has the law, he knows he is a sinner, and he confesses the same. He is aware of his sins, and he is afraid of judgment, no matter how stiff an upper lip he may put on. Kimel needs a savior: someone to take his place. There is only one available: Christ Jesus, God Almighty made man. He is the one mediator – the one advocate. If anyone believes on him for salvation, they will not be ashamed on judgment day. Let us pray that Kimel will be blessed with God’s grace, to embrace the God who has mercy on whom He will have mercy and hardens whom He will.

May God be Magnified!


7 Responses to “Cheerful Stroll Down the Broad Road”

  1. Turretinfan Says:

    Lucian,Thanks for your comment.Read and appreciated it.Be careful. There is no god but the Almighty. Worship him with fear and trembling.-Turretinfan

  2. Godismyjudge Says:

    To anyone who might be concerned that brother turretin has taken a little stroll outside the camp, Kimel’s comment:”I know that if, God does truly exist, then at the moment of my death he will meet me as the Crucified, still bearing the marks of his sacrifice on his hands.”has a terrible if. Luther once said adverbs save and damn. In this case, so might conjunctions.

  3. natamllc Says:

    TFI hope I am not traducing myself here in thus saying: “if ever there was a reason to ponder the valid claims for the Mother of Jesus, you would think the “”brother”” of Jesus, James, would have had something to say about her. After all she is his mother too?”Not a word though from James or a direct inference or an establishment clause from him that we can build a version of Biblical Christianity from.Just a thought to throw into the mix here. I was pondering James’ point to “wisdom” and “prayer” and the varitable things he wrote in the epistle that bears his name and not one word about his mother Mary! You would think the very boy James, born upon the knee of Mary and played undoubtedly with this same Lord, Jesus, would be valuable enough to the Holy Ghost to pen something of her by him, if what the RCC makes her out to be is so valuable in history for the world’s salvation; that such a religion is built upon her same knee?Oh well, just some befuddle after reading and making some shallow sense of what I just read here.Michael

  4. Turretinfan Says:

    The Mary that the Catholics worship (is that latria- or dulia-worship?) is not the historical Mary.Whoever believes on the Lord Jesus Christ is his family.-Turretinfan

  5. Godith Says:

    I Kings 13:20-21This passage (according to a WTS prof) is probably the one most responsible for RCs believing in relics being powerful, miraculous, etc. Interesting…not a much-preached-on passage!–Godith

  6. Turretinfan Says:

    The Bible is not responsible for the eisegetical battery it receives from its abusers!-Turretinfan

  7. Carrie Says:

    This is indeed a sad post although I am not surprised. I have heard him make similiar comments at Beggars All that made me cringe.Kimel justs proves my thought that the Roman Catholic Church is a very comfortable home for the universalist.

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