Tomb Blasphemy Addendum

Reviewing some clips from the blasphemous movie, I notice that:

  • the film additionally cites, as support, the apocryphal and heretical “Gospel of Mary [Magdalene].” It is important to recognize that this writing does not identify Mary as Mary Magdalene, and does not associate the Mary in question with Philip, as in the “Acts of Philip.” If any family relationship is suggested in the so-called Gospel of Mary, it is that Mary is Peter’s (not Philip’s) sister. Furthermore, it does not call Mary “Mariamne” as in the alleged inscription on the ossuary.
  • the film claims that the Acts of the Philip say that Mariamne dies in Jerusalem. It does not. Instead, it states in the Syriac account: “On board was a Jew, Ananias, who blasphemed and said: May Adonai recompense thee, and the Christ on whom thou callest, who is become dust and lies in Jerusalem, while thou livest and leadest ignorant men astray by his name. ” Similarly, in the main account: “15 Ananias’ address: how Jesus destroyed the law and allowed all meats -was crucified, the disciples stole his body, and did many wonders, and were cast out of Jerusalem, and now go all about the world deceiving every one, like this Philip. But I will take him to Jerusalem, for the king Archelaus seeketh him to kill him.” Likewise it states in the main account: “137 And the Lord said: Since you have been unforgiving and wrathful, you shall indeed die in glory and be taken by angels to paradise, but shall remain outside it forty days, in fear of the flaming sword, and then I will send Michael and he shall let you in. And Bartholomew shall go to Lycaonia and be crucified there, and Mariamne’s body shall be laid up in the river Jordan. And I shall bring back those who have been swallowed up.” Thus the Syriac account calls Ananias’ tomb claim blasphemy, and the main account attributes the traditional “stolen body” blasphemy to the Jews, in accordance with the Gospel. Furthermore, the main acocunt places Mariamne in the Jordan river, not in Jerusalem.

Praise be to our Risen Lord!


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